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Prerana - The Global School

PRERANA - The Global School is a professionally managed Training organisation, specialised in providing ground breaking training and Educational services. The Company provides quality- oriented solutions and has a team of professionals with rich experience. The focal point of the organization is in empowering an individual to grow up­­­­­­ t­­­o be a successful and enriched citizen of the world.

We strive to develop various aspects of an individual’s personality right from the tender age. Educational institutions, organisations and Corporates associate with Prerana recognizing the catalytic role played by us in bridging the gap between essential academics and the external environment, enabling every learner to understand the requirements and grow to his/her greatest potential. We give value added input and constantly monitor and nurture the individual.

The Vision

To make every individual of the nation independent, confident, self-directive, self motivated and socially and globally conscious, to have a sense of responsibility towards their actions and to create leaders. To develop self awareness and make individuals confidently interact with counterparts. The vision is also to provide an optimal solution for every need in the journey to success.